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Energy is a basic need, just like housing or food. Access to energy is essential for cooking, boiling water, as well as providing light and heat – all of which, are also prerequisites for good health.

NJ SHARES is committed to reducing and preventing energy insecurity, which is the inability to adequately meet household energy needs.

The Department of Energy estimates that one in three American households face a challenge in paying energy bills or sustaining adequate heating and cooling in their home. Households living with energy insecurity routinely forgo basic needs such as food and medicine to pay their energy bill, keep their homes at unhealthy temperatures, receive disconnection notices, and experience shutoffs.

In order to ensure New Jersey residents are not without access to basic needs, NJ SHARES has formed unique partnerships with New Jersey’s regulated utility companies to provide a variety of different assistance programs and support.

NJ SHARES Energy Grant

Assisting income qualified households who are in a temporary financial crisis and in need of electric and/or gas payment assistance by providing grants of up to $700 per each utility to maintain or restore service.